Forgive me: I love Nepal

On becoming and unbecoming a citizen

by Manjushree Thapa Toronto October 06, 2016

The cult of innovation

In his plan for a National Innovation Center, Mahabir Pun seems to have overlooked something crucial: what it takes to innovate

by Shubhanga Pandey September 29, 2016

Consider the yak

Geopolitics, globalization, and climate change are affecting yak populations across the Himalayan region

by Omair Ahmad September 12, 2016

Deceived all the way

Local agents, governments, and major multinational corporations are all complicit in the exploitation of migrant workers

by Pete Pattisson September 06, 2016

Under the influence

Three years and five chief justices later, no end in sight for Nepal’s infamous “Sudan scam”

by Bhadra Sharma August 31, 2016

Training for tomorrow

Wushu’s golden girl dreams of a life in the sport

by Nabin Bibhas Kathmandu August 13, 2016

Nepal’s botched truth and reconciliation program

A decade has passed since the end of the civil war, but Nepal’s truth and reconciliation program is still suffering from a lack of political will

by Indu Nepal Kailali July 29, 2016

From the fields of Kapilvastu to the Supreme Court

Raksha Ram Chamar shares his extraordinary journey for social justice and inclusion

Trouble in Tikapur

Violence sparked by the “fast track” constitution still divides the Tharus and Pahadis

by Nabin Bibhas Tikapur July 19, 2016