From the fields of Kapilvastu to the Supreme Court

Raksha Ram Chamar shares his extraordinary journey for social justice and inclusion

Trouble in Tikapur

Violence sparked by the “fast track” constitution still divides the Tharus and Pahadis

by Nabin Bibhas Tikapur July 19, 2016

Silencing CK Raut

It’s clear the government wants to silence those who champion the minorities

by Puru Shah July 07, 2016

The other side of Annapurna

A portrait of Marpha village in Mustang

by Shikhar Bhattarai July 03, 2016

“I saw things children shouldn’t see” – surviving a troubled childhood

Why are some people able to become happy, well-adjusted adults even after growing up with violence or neglect? Their life stories – from 1950s Hawaii to the orphanages of Romania – could provide answers that will help more children to thrive.

by Lucy Maddox June 21, 2016

A declaration of independence

Yug Pathak’s play Yuma makes a radical case for women’s liberation

by Shubhanga Pandey Kathmandu June 06, 2016

India's border infrastructure needs fast upgrade

Unless India drastically improves its border infrastructure, China’s heightened presence is not likely to diminish – especially with Nepal’s government determined to prove that China is a viable alternative to India

by Devirupa Mitra New Delhi May 19, 2016

The water bringers

On Nepal’s largest island, Tharu local governance has allowed traditional irrigation practices to survive

by Peter Gill April 27, 2016

Running in the family

When Ang Tharkay Sherpa reluctantly made the choice to become a mountaineer, he did not know his decision would have a lasting impact on his family, and Tintin fans worldwide

by Saprina Panday Paris April 21, 2016

Lose the yam

Nationalist elite would do well to reflect on the true meaning of sovereignty

by Daniel Lak April 10, 2016