India's border infrastructure needs fast upgrade

Unless India drastically improves its border infrastructure, China’s heightened presence is not likely to diminish – especially with Nepal’s government determined to prove that China is a viable alternative to India

by Devirupa Mitra New Delhi May 19, 2016

The water bringers

On Nepal’s largest island, Tharu local governance has allowed traditional irrigation practices to survive

by Peter Gill April 27, 2016

Running in the family

When Ang Tharkay Sherpa reluctantly made the choice to become a mountaineer, he did not know his decision would have a lasting impact on his family, and Tintin fans worldwide

by Saprina Panday Paris April 21, 2016

Lose the yam

Nationalist elite would do well to reflect on the true meaning of sovereignty

by Daniel Lak April 10, 2016

Nepal’s petrol black market: super citizens and an information blackout

In addition to widespread smuggling, there were significant official imports of petrol during the blockade, but officials aren’t saying where it went

by Jacob Rinck and Gyanu Adhikari Janakpur and Kathmandu February 19, 2016

In between disasters

Sushil Koirala’s term as prime minister will be remembered as one of inaction in the face of adversity

by The Record February 12, 2016

A portrait of the diplomat as a young man

The entries of My Diary, by former ambassador Jaya Raj Acharya, reveal the endlessly inquisitive and deeply moral mind of the author as a high school student coming of age

by Michael Gill February 05, 2016

Mutual Regards | Dohori Namaste

America and Nepal seen through each others’ eyes

by James Sharrock January 21, 2016

The curious case of the Mustang incident

In 1960 a Nepali officer was shot by Chinese soldiers along the border, causing a heated diplomatic dispute. Decades later, the details of the case are still contentious

by Sam Cowan January 17, 2016

A difficult harvest

The much-acclaimed production of Makaiko Arkai Kheti illustrates the narrow political imagination of our arts

by Shubhanga Pandey January 06, 2016